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Friends and Well Wishers

  • Alicia
    Six-figure freelancer! (Give or take a few figures...)
  • Caroline
    Artist, writer, cook, and purveyor of Mom jokes
  • Chuck
    Freelancer, Foodie, Sports Fan and Jazz Fan, Chuck keeps us in good bites and spirits.
  • Dave
    Movie Pundit, Musician, Verbal Prestidigitator
  • Erin
    Author, editor and all around ass kicker tells stories and observes.
  • Jim
    Tankboy's a music critic, DJ, aspiring drummer, and beagle owner... not necessarily in that order.
  • Josh
    Science scholar and righteous daddy.
  • Kevin
    Writer, Thinker, Maker of Mischief
  • Laura
    On eating, drinking, and finding your way in the Windy City
  • Lou
    She runs, she cooks, she eats, she blogs, she makes me laugh.
  • Margaret
    The Hixx is in the house.
  • Peyton
    Intrepid urbanite, avid cyclist and all-around smart guy.
  • Rachelle
    Googler, Chicagoista, Shutterbug, Blogger for Life.
  • Sarah
    You can't call it a comeback when you've never even been away.
  • Scott
    It's about Scott and his crazy pop-culture obsessed world